Customer experience – is it something to eat?

In order to be successful in one’s online efforts it is uttermost important to think – I mean, consider really hard – how customer sees your online messages and visibility. Are they intrested or even tempted to learn more and share the information, or are they just fed up with the same old “thing” that can be seen in dozens of online platforms.

Customer experience is the key! It is not just to make your webpages or other online platform look good, even though visual things are important in order to give good first impression. Hand in hand with visuality goes even technicality – meaning you have to think the technique on your platform. Pages should upload fast and customers should be able to see different contents without dowloading new apps etc (something you face e.g. if you put some flash elements to your pages).

Btw. apps as such are also interesting – e.g. some people create nice contents with their ipads and then put these to their webpages. Something that results that ordinary pc-users or those who use android or windows tablets cannot access them. So talk about customer experience in that situation!

However, customer experience is so much more than visual and technical things – it has to do with emotions your online presence creates among your customers! This comes with the contents but also how you handle the customer service (is it easy to ask questions or give feedback, how fast you get answers etc.) and how you manage the possible negative feedback. It is so easy to be the online ogre and go and complain somewhere else, if a company does not handle the feedback in a proper way, or even worse, if you do not a possibility to give feedback.

So believe the Digipreacher, and think about the big picture next time you update your online platforms!

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