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Analysing online activities | Digipreacher

Analysing online activities

In the previous post I introduced you to the answer I got from a hotel manager in Tripadvisor. And it did seem that they had not understood the meaning of online reputation and customer experience online. So it came to me that as the Online Ogre I could also study if the other aspects in their online visibility were in order. This is something I do on a weekly basis for companies, so it was fun to see how it works for them.


So based on the several analysis tools, one can tell  that most of  page visitors to this hotel in Rhodes come from Russia and then some from Cyprus and Britain. So it is quite obvious that most of the sites linked to the hotel pages are of Russian or Greek origin. This naturally also means that the chance for other nationalitites to find the hotel is quite non-exisitent. Also the number of links (which is something that improves the visibility of pages in search engines) is quite few and could be improves.

Keywords used on pages are related to the hotel name and to the name of the hotel chain. This means that the customers must know what they are searching instead finding the hotel based on their needs. Think yourselves! When you search for a hotel, are you typing “hotel” “rhodes” to Google or are you searching with the name of the hotel. I think you use the first one, so therefore companies should also pay attention to this kind of keywords.Keywords

Also the search engine optimization (SEO) for this page needs improving.  Images do not have names at all, not to talk about keyword related names. Headings do not include keywords nor does the text. Even search engine optimized html-code needs improving. Which is really funny, sincewe are talking about tailormade and coded pages for a specific company instead of using the ready mades sites by WordPress, Google, etc.

Finally, the tools I used could not find any connection to the social media, which is sad, since there is social media pages exisiting for the company.

Based on the tools I used (Alexa, Webrankpage, Semrush), it does not look so good for this company.

So if I were there consultant, I would – as a digipreacher – go through the keywords and texts in order to improve SEO. I would also list the possible links (back and forth) and place them to the pages. Lastly, I would discuss seriously what kind of customers they want and create links and keywords accordingly.




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